Issue 1(24), 2019
Published on 12 April 2019


Section 1. Fundamental issues of geology, geophysics and geochemistry of oil and gas

Kholodov V.N.   The problem of oil generation in stratisphere /

Kouzin A.M. . On the fluid zonality of the consolidated Earths crust according to CDPMDSS acquisition. Part 1. The continental crust (gas distribution)

Kouzin A.M. On the fluid zonality of the consolidated Earths crust according to CDPMDSS acquisition. Part 2. The continental crust (water content

Section 2. New methods and technologies of studying the geological environment of oil and gas bearing basins

Kasyanov I.V. About the reliability of preparing the traps by seismic exploration for drilling in the Upper Jurassic (the Middle Ob River Region)

Punanova S.A., Nukenov D.  Estimation of the trace element composition of shale formations

Skibitskaya N.A., Burkhanova I.O., Bolshakov M.N., O.K. Navrotsky O.K. Prospectivity of oil-gas-condensate and gas-condensate fields as polymetallic feedstock sources

Yurova M.P., Dobrynina S.A., Seliverstova M.E. Basic mechanisms of hydrocarbon reservoir formation in erosion scarps of the basement

Kutinov Yu.G., Chistova Z.B., Polyakova E.V., Mineev A.L. Numerical simulation of topography to predict areas prospective for oil and diamonds

Section 3. New technologies and approaches to oil and gas field development at the late stage of exploitation

Marcano Gonzalez .., Basnieva I.K., Eremin N.A., Sardanashvili O.N., Kraus Z.T. About thermal oil recovery during the extraction of heavy oil and bitumen for the fields of Venezuela

Section 4. Current methods of oil and gas mechanics and physics of reservoir systems

Velizhanin A.A.  Experimental study of a flow of an oil film on walls of a cylindrical capillary

Section 5. Experimental and theoretical studies of thermodynamic features and phase behavior of hydrocarbon mixture

Lesin V.I., Lesin S.V. Influence of pressure fluctuations on the viscosity of oil containing colloidal particles /

Kulikov V.D., Belyakov M.Yu.  A study of liquid-phase volume behavior of a binary mixture in the vicinity of liquidgas critical point within the scope of fluctuation theory /

Section 6. Strategic planning issues of oil and gas industry

Barinov P.S. The factor of land prices in extraction of shale oil

Shilovsky A.P. Is it possible to maintain the achieved level of oil production?