Issue 2(17), 2017
Published on 19 December 2017


1. Fundamental Basis of the Innovative Oil and Gas Industry: Proceedings of the All-Russian Scientific Conference, devoted to the 30th anniversary of OGRI RAS (Moscow, 1113 October 2017)

Dmitrievsky A.N., Eremin N.A., Shabalin N.A. The prospects for the creation of Norilsk Technohab

Punanova S.A. Applied metalogeny of naftides

Shilovsky A.P. The problems of development of the russian oil and gas complex: hidden reserves, solutions

Rile E.B., Popova M.N. The importance of the three-layered natural hydrocarbon reservoirs creation for oil and gas geology

Gorbatyuk O.V., A.E. Shumeiko, S.P. Skopintsev The use of digital technologies in the educational process

Kazankova E.R., Kornilova N.V. The formation of systems of oil and gas accumulation from the standpoint of nonlinear geodynamics

Smaglichenko T.A., Chigarev B.N., Smaglichenko A.V. The unbiased linear estimator of seismic velocity under the different temperature regimeS

Chebotareva I.Y. Emission tomography - basic tool for technologies for studies of hydrocarbon deposits

Gurova D.I., Ushakov I.A., Konovalova I.N. The new directions of search of hydrocarbon deposits of carbon and lower permian formations in Verkhnepechorskaya depression

Utoplennikov V.K., Drabkina A.D., Ershov A.V. Prospects of oil and gas bearing capacity of the foundation of the Mekong depression on the Zond shelf of Vietnam and the foundation of Timan-Pechora province

Zhilina I.V., Popova M.N., Ershov A.V. Comparative analysis of the risks of exploitation of Russias onshore and offshore hydrocarbon resourceS

Voronov V.P., Kuryakov V.N., Muratov A.R. Study of phase behavior and viscosity of natural hydrocarbon mixtures

Kulikov V.D., Belyakov M.Y. Parametric equations of isopleres in binary mixture in the vicinity of vaporliquid critical point

2 Actual theoretical and applied tasks of georesources research, geoenergy, geopolitics

Dmitrievsky A.N., Fin'ko V.V., Fin'ko V.E. Segregation of helium from the feed gases of siberian and yakutian deposits using a new technology and an economical way to transport the pure gas

Maksimov V.M. Mathematical model of identification of the hazard gas blowout through well surface

3. Scientific schools, eminent scientists and educators

Kalashnikova L.A. Nikolai Bronislavovich Vassoevich (1902-1981)