Issue 1(20), 2018
Published 5 July 2018


1. Hard-to-extract hydrocarbons

Dmitrievsky A.N., Skibitskaya N.A., Pribylov A.A., Zekel L.A., Domanova E.G., Pugo T.A., Kuzmin V.A., Yakovleva O.P., Bolshakov M.N., Marutyan O.O. Oil and gas maternal deposits physico-chemical trap for hydrocarbons at the stages of oil and gas generation

Skibitskaya N.A., Gafarov N.A. Designed modeling of technologies for extraction of difficultable liquid hydrocarbons from gas condensate deposits of oil and gas condensate fields in volume concentrations below threshold of filtration

Khisamov R.S., Skibitskaya N.A., Kovalenko K.V., Bazarevskaya V.G., Kuzmin V.A., Bolshakov M.N., Marutyan O.O., Haliulina A.F., Samokhvalov N.I., Navrotskiy O.K., Domanova E.G., Pugo T.A. Determination of matrix oil concentration in mesozoic sediments of east Pre-Caucasian oil and gas bearing region according to the results of lithologi-petrophysical and geochemical investigations

Glagolev A.I., Serebryakov S.G. The shale revolution: background, results, prospects

Yufin P.A. Construction of a hydrodynamic radial welding model of the orenburg oil and gas condensate deposit for studying the processes of extraction of high-molecular raw materials

2. Resource base of oil and gas complex. Sedimentary basins

Shilovsky A.P. Assessment of prospects of oil-gas accumulation within the territory of the moscow sedimentary basin

Yurova M.P., Dobrynina S.A. Paleotectonic and paleotemperature features of marginal depressions of the Siberian platform

Ulmasvay F.S., Dobrynina S.A., Sidorchuk E.A. New regularities in the distribution of oil and gas in sedimentary stratum (by the case of Ciscaucasia)

Nikonov A.I. Geodynamically defined metasomatical zonality of rocks of platform oil and gas structures

Zapivalov N.P. West siberian oil: history and prospects

3. Geoecology and industrial safety of oil and gas facilities

Dmitrievsky A.N., Kamaeva S.S., Chernikov A.D., Eremin N.A. Contactless diagnostics of oil and gas pipelines: status and prospects of development

Abramova O.P., Vasilenko P.A. The problem of determining objects and methods of ecological control of the natural environment in the zones of action of oil storage

Khrenov N.N. Methodology of studying changes in the geoecological situation at the construction of the gas combustion complex in pic. Sabetta (the Yamal Peninsula)

Khrenov N.N. Requirements to the method of further studies on the draft of the bovanenkovo-uhta gas pipelines system on the yamal peninsula

Kornienko S.G. Mapping of pyrogenic disturbance of land cover on the taz peninsula according to Landsat

Shuleikin V.N. Ground control of the process of disposal of industrial wastewater

4. Development of oil and gas fields. Gas and oil condensate recovery

Zakirov S.N. Development of oil and gas-condensate fields on the basis of EPS concept

Tupysev M.K. Exploitation of wells in low-temperature gas reservoirs

Kosmacheva M.S., Indrupskiy I.M. Influence of inter-reservoir flow through a fault on the development of an oil deposit. Part 1: production, pressure, watercut

Kosmacheva M.S., Indrupskiy I.M. Influence of inter-reservoir flow through a fault on the development of an oil deposit. Part 2: flow intensity, fault conductivity, decompaction zone

Demyanovsky V.B. Definition of viscosity on viscosimeters of free flowing in oil and gas production

Kaushansky D.A., Demyanovsky V.B. Innovative water suppression technology for production wells Temposcreen-plus

Akulinchev B.P., Rakhbari N.Yu. Role of gas-hydrochemical factor in formation of hydrocarbon deposits

Barabanov V.L. Applied mechanics of electrokinetic phenomena in porous permeable sandstones by flow-laboratory tests

Lesin V.I. Physical basis of magnetic field treatment of colloidal systems involved in oil and gas industry processes

Blokh S.S., Kulpin D.L., Efimova G.Kh., Alekseeva Yu.V. Analysis and synthesis of results of hydrodynamic researches of wells at Peschanoozersky oil-gas-ondensate field on Kolguyev island in the Barents Sea

Maksimov V.M. Thermodynamic model of two-phase flows through porous media in consideration of the interface deformation

Popov S.N., Kusaiko A.S, Ozun I.A. Experimental research, analysis and processing of compressive, deformation and strength properties of reservoir rocks of oil fields in the Komi republic

5. Scientific and technical forecasting in oil and gas industry

Basnieva I.K., Eremina I.A., Eremin N.A., Sardanashvili O.N., Mavrikidi F.I. Digital oil and gas university as a platform for retraining

Bogatkina Yu.G., Eremin N.A., Sardanashvili O.N. THE COncept of knowledge modeling for automated techno-economic assessment of oil and gas fields

Barinov P.S., Yakubson K.I. The phenomenon of dormant wells on the us shale plays

6. Nonlinear geodynamics and geophysics

Nikolaev A.V., Frantsuzova V.I. Manifestations of oil-and-gas bearing capacity of Alexandra Island of Franz Joseph Land Archipelago

Chebotareva I.Ya. Acoustic effects in saturated core sample of sandstone at vibration

Kazankova E.R., Kornilova N.V. Structuring the geological environment at various levels of the organization

Smaglichenko T.A., Smaglichenko A.V., Sayankina M.K., Chigarev B.N. The 1D velocity model using the deep seismic sounding (dss) data and local earthquake data under equal conditions of the experiment

Kouzin A.M. Geolgical structure of consolidated crust in the region of romashkinskiy deposit according to seismic odservations of the cdp method. Part 1

Kouzin A.M. Geolgical structure of consolidated crust in the region of romashkinskiy deposit according to seismic odservations of the cdp method. Part 2

7. Instruments and methods of experimental research

Ashikhmin V.S., Deshabo V.A., Dolgushin S.A., Kvasnov B.A., Kiyachenko Yu.F., Kosov V.I., Podnek V.E., Yudin D.I., Yudin I.K. Portable optical analyzer of hydrocarbon systems

Spichak V.V., Zakharova O.K. On the possible usage of the electromagnetic geothermometer to find hydrocarbons at depths below the face of wells

Kuzmin V.A. Digital formalization of microstructure parameters of carbonate reservoirs according to fourier analysis

Kuzmin V.A., Skibitskaya N.A. Organization of layered core models according with pore space digital analysis (in the context of Vuktyl OGCF)