Issue 1(28), 2020
Published on 16 May 2020


Section 1. Fundamental issues of geology, geophysics and geochemistry of oil and gas

Abdullaev G.S., Dolgpolov F.G., Tukhtaev K.M., Toshkulov A.D. Multilevel regmatic systems and fault-block structure of the South Ustyurt depression

Section 2. New methods and technologies of studying the geological environment of oil and gas bearing basins

Abdullaev G.S., Eidelnant N.K., Bogdanov A.N. Results of the implementation of the program of targeted geological exploration works for the purpose of studying the Paleozoic complex of the Bukhara-Khiva region of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Tokareva K.M., Muminov A.S., Umarov Sh.A.  Petroelastic modeling and analysis of petroelastic relations for the Jurassic rocks of the terrigenous formation of the Dzhel deposit in the Ustyurt oil and gas region

Shuleikin V.N. Atmospheric electricity and dowsing

Section 3. Current issues of oil and gas hydrogeology

Shoymuratov T.Kh. Hydrodynamic features of the Upper Jurassic deposits of the Bukhara-Khiva oil and gas region

Section 4. New technologies and approaches to oil and gas field development

Tupysev M.K. Effect of man-made processes on water content in gas well products

Abramenkova K.N., Leonov D.G. Using neural networks to determine the residual life of a fail-safe pumping equipment for the oil and gas industry

Bykova V.N., Kim E., Gadzhialiev M.R., Musienko V.O., Orudzhev A.O., Turovskaya E.A. Application of a digital twin in the oil and gas industry

Section 5. Strategic planning issues of oil and gas industry

Sumin A.M. Energy policy of Norway. Part 1. The concept of energy security

Sumin A.M. Energy policy of Norway. Part 2. The oil and natural gas production sector. The dichotomy of the Norwegian energy policy. Russian-Norwegian energy cooperation

For discussion

Isaev G.D., Mikulenko I.K., Aukhatov Ya.G. The deep nature of hydrocarbon migration within the Danilov group of deposits of the West Siberian geosyneclise