Актуальные проблемы нефти и газа

Issue 2(25), 2019
Published on 12 July 2019


Section 1. Experimental and theoretical studies of thermodynamic features and phase behavior of hydrocarbon mixtures

Batalin O.Yu., Vafina N.G. Calculation of pore pressure increase with depth due to hydrocarbon fluid generation

Mikhailov N.N., Ermilov O.M. Sechina L.S. Peculiarities of adsorption-connected oil of gas-condensate deposit

Section 2. Hydrothermodynamic and geomechanical modelling of the processes in saturated geological media

Popov S.N. Development of 3D geomechanical model of the Achimov deposits of one of the fields of the Far North

Popov S.N. Coupled geomechanical and hydrodynamic modeling of the site of the Achimov deposits of one of the fields of the Far North, taking into account variations of the porosity and permeability changes by influence of the effective stresses

Section 3. New methods and technologies of studying the geological environment of oil and gas bearing basins

Shuster V.L., Punanova S.A. Results of differentiated estimation of the oil and gas potential of Jurassic and Pre-Purassic deposits of the north of Western Siberia

Alexandrova T.V., Yakovlev Yu.A., Shibanova A.M., Makarova S.V. Probabilistic assessment of the oil and gas potential of promising areas of the fold-thrust zone of the Middle Urals

Punanova S.A., Samoilova A.V. Petroleum potential features of the troughs of ancient platforms (the cases of the Volga-Ural and the Yenisei-Khatanga)

Chebotareva I.Ya. Variety of types of endogenous seismic sources in emission tomography

Salavatov T.Sh., Malikov H.Kh., Suleymanov A.A. Diagnosing multiphase flow regime in multilayered reservoir

Section 4. Innovative technologies for oil and gas resources exploitation in complicated geological and critical environmental conditions

Mandeev A.O., Gadelshin I.R. The technology of scaling prevention

Section 5. New technologies and approaches to oil and gas field development;

Dmitrievsky A.N., Eremin N.A., Stolyarov V.E. On the issue of the application of wireless decisions and technologies in the digital oil and gas production

Section 6. Research issues of projecting, exploitation and monitoring of underground hydrocarbon storages

Tupysev M.K.  Technogenic stresses dynamics control in rock formations, including cap rocks, during development and operation of underground gas storage facilities

Section 7. Strategic planning issues of oil and gas industry.

Bogatkina Yu.G., Eremin N.A., Sardanashvili O.N. Justification of technical and economic efficiency of investment projects of oil and gas development on the case of a hypothetical field