Актуальные проблемы нефти и газа

Issue 4(19), 2017
Published on 30 December 2017


1. Fundamental Basis of the Innovative Oil and Gas Industry: Proceedings of the All-Russian Scientific Conference, devoted to the 30th anniversary of OGRI RAS (Moscow, 11–13 October 2017)

Shuster V.L. Geological and geophysical characteristics and oil potential of low permeable resrevoir rocks

Kuzin A.M. General principles of changes in the phase content of the fluid during oil generation and mineralization

Kayukova G.P., Hasanova N.M., Gabdrakhmanov D.T., Mikhailova A.N., Nazimov N.A., Sotnikov O.S., Evdokimov A.M. Changes of the oil-generation potential of the domanik rocks in the conditions of hydrothermal and pyrolytic exposure

Nikonov N.I., Kuranov A.V. Prospective directions of oil and gas exploration in the Pre-Ural foredeep

Babaev F.R., Martynova G.S., Nanadzhanova R.G., Alizade A.E. Microelement composition of the oil from the fields of Azerbaijan

Luneva T.E., Lobova G.A. Assessment of petroleum potential of the paleozoic reservoirs of Nurol’ka mega-basin (with use of data of a geothermics)

Smaglichenko A.V., Smaglichenko T.A. Method for processing of time series in order to increase the accuracy of passive seismic data

Eremin N.A., Shabalin N.A. The oil and gas potential of the northern part of the siberian platform

Voytenkov E.V. Capabilities of using supersonic gas technology at subsea production systems

Yurova M.P. New opportunities of Permo-Triassic volcanogenic and volcanic-terrigenous resevoirs of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Voronov V.P., Podnek V.E. Heat capacity anomaly of supercooled water and the latent heat of melting of pore ice

Current theoretical and applied tasks of georesources, geoenergy and geopolitics research, geoenergy

Kaushansky D.A. Technological complex for increasing the effectivity of gas wells operation on the fields of the final stage of exploitation in the conditions of the arctic and West Siberia

Shuleikin V.N. Atmospheric-electric monitoring of underground wastes burial