Актуальные проблемы нефти и газа

Issue 3(18), 2017
Published on 27 December 2017


1. Fundamental Basis of the Innovative Oil and Gas Industry: Proceedings of the All-Russian Scientific Conference, devoted to the 30th anniversary of OGRI RAS (Moscow, 11–13 October 2017)

Abukova L.A., Dmitrievsky A.N., Mastepanov A.M. The Northern Sea Route as a factor in the development of economic integration in North-Eastern Asia

Mastepanov A.M., Bushuev V.V., Voropay N.I., Sumin A.M. Problems of ensuring energy security in the conditions of high geopolitical, ecological, economic and technological uncertainty

Punanova S.A., Shuster V.L. On the possible oil and gas efficiency of deep-soil deposits of Western Siberia

Tsybul'skiy S.P., Kravchenko M.N., Maksimov V.M. Specification of the anisotropy of structurally complex reservoirs following the analysis of the experiment on the filtration of the soaking

Bol'shakov M.N., Skibitskaya N.A., Marutyan O.O., Khaliullina A.F., Nikulin B.A. COre-to-log procedure as an important stage for geological modeling of deposits

Skibitskaya N.A., Surnachev D.V., Bol'shakov M.N. The hotbed-clustering method to model characteristics of oil source rocks

Samokhvalov N.I., Bolshakov M.N., Marutyan O.O., Khaliullina A.F. Types and forms of liquid hydrocarbon binding in oil saturated rocks according to aspiration thermal massometry

Shuleikin V.N. Atmospheric-electric monitoring of oil and gas deposits

Vinogradova T.L., Punanova S.A. Naftides of Eastern Kamchatka and the Guyamas California Basin

Stoporev A.S., Svarovskaya L.I., Semenov A.P., Strelets L.A., Altunina L.K., Manakov A.Y. Gas hydrates formation and freezing of the ice in the water emulsions in the oil samples with a various degree of biodegradation

Sharipov A.F. Increasing of the fidelity of phase behavior modeling of sheeted systems with a high concentration of the condensate

Sevostyanova R.F., Sitnikov V.S. Some features of structure and petroleum Vendian terrigenous complex of Nepa-Botuoba Anteclise (Siberian Platform)

Eremin N.A., Sardanashvili O.N. The innovative potential of digital technologies

Drabkina A.D. Prospects of search of oil and gas deposits in the Lower Permian reef sediments in the north of the Ural Foredeep

Kiyachenko Y.F., Podnek V.E. Simple high-pressure optical cell for experimental investigation of near-critical hydrocarbon mixtures